Welcome to TNR of Warren

TNR of Warren began in September of 2008 as a vision of what can be accomplished when a Trap-Neuter-Return organization, veterinarians and the community work together for the good of stray and feral cats.

TNR of Warren, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the feral and stray cat population by sterilization not euthanasia.  We are not a shelter, nor do we accept cats for adoption. We are a trap, neuter, return organization only.

TNR of Warren, Inc. also operates a low cost spay neuter program for low income families through our partnership with the Rascal Unit based in Dublin, Ohio. This program is by appointment only and all appointments must be pre-paid and pre-registered.

Since the summer of 2008, our organization has helped spay and neuter over 8,000 cats including stray and feral cats and pets from low income families. All stray and feral cats have been  vaccinated for rabies, sterilized and returned to their managed colonies. Over time, these colonies will disappear as kittens will no longer be born to re-populate the colony and the existing cats will succumb to the natural order of life.

If you are feeding a stray cat, do it a huge favor and have it spayed or neutered. Please contact us to discuss spay/neuter options. One female and her offspring can produce 480,000 cats in 7 years.  Providing food, water and shelter for these animals is not enough; you have to be responsible and spay or neuter to stop the problem.  Because people don't spay and neuter, our shelters are full of animals waiting to be adopted, and millions more are euthanized each year simply because there are not enough homes.  Be part of the solution and not the root of the problem.

The feral cats are wild animals.  They have the right to live as much as raccoons, squirrels, and any other wild animal.  Our feral cat problem started because of irresponsible people.  It is a communal problem and the community should work together to "FIX" it.

Mission Statement

Our volunteer staff assists the community in trapping, neutering and returning feral cats to existing managed colonies. We assist caregivers in providing shelters and food to said colonies. We provide low cost spaying and neutering to low income families within the community. We educate the public on the role of feral cats within the animal population and the need for population control among all felines.


TNR of Warren is a proud member of Bissell's Partners for Pets



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TNR of Warren is operated solely by fundraisers and donations. Please help us help the animals by donating today.  Send your donation to 
PO Box 2477
Warren OH  44484.